GCh Abbeyrose Jersey Boy

Multiple Group Winner

Sire of Multiple BIS and BISS GCH Abbeyrose Black Diamond ‘Gigi’

Grandsire of Multiple BIS and BISS and Montgomery County Kennel Club BIS GCH Abbeyrose Captain Jack


Frank is steady, affectionate, and game and a true Welshman in appearance — “sturdy, compact, and rugged, of medium size with a coarse wire-textured coat.” Pam is his favorite person in the world and he can often be found snuggled close to her with his head on her shoulder or licking her face. Once he gets his human fix, be goes off on his own, resting in his crate or scanning the landscape, looking for possible intruders. Frankie, who was born in one of our last litters before we left New Jersey, was named for Frankie Valli and the Broadway show Jersey Boys. Frank is behind all of our current welsh and is at home with Pam, Mary and Susie.

Bred w Care

Additional Information

Call Name: Frankie

Bred By: Mary Duafala and Pam Allen

Sire: Ch See's Ready to Go "Indy"

Dam: Ch Abbeyrose Angel of Hapitails "Angel"

Born: 04/29/2008

Owned by: Mary Duafala and Pamela Allen


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