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Lucy Awarded CGC!

Feb 9, 2021

Congratulations Lucy and Daryl.  At just 10-months-old, the AKC awarded Lucy the Canine Good Citizen title.

Captain Jack Wins Stud Dog Award

Nov 11, 2020

The genuinely great dog is defined not only by his performance in the show ring, but also by the quality he produces in the whelping box.  Add to that a little bit of whimsy and you have the dog of a lifetime. We are proud to announce that Multi BIS and Montgomery County Kennel Club BIS GChS Abbeyrose Captain Jack was awarded the Seaplume Award for Stud Dog with most champion get during the 2019-2020 Welsh Terrier Club of American Annual Awards Presentation. Thank you to Caryn Stevens and Matt O’Farrell, who sponsor the award, for the lovely engraved dish they offered to commemorate the occasion. Jack has sired a total of 6 AKC litters to date.  In his first 3 litters he sired 8 AKC champions, including one GChB (RBIS and multi group winner). Puppies from his last 3 litters have not yet been shown in conformation. We are over the moon to have bred and owned this once in a lifetime, genuinely great dog. GCh Brightluck Cheshire Gold Doubloon X Ch Abbeyrose A Penny for Your Thoughts. Born 6/8/2016.

Happy Halloween!

Oct 25, 2020

Happy Halloween from Susie and all the Abbeyroses!

Buddy Got Mail!

Oct 24, 2020

Buddy (Ch Abbeyrose Bada Bing Bada Boom) got mail! He received a beautiful mask-wearing welsh on a live-edge base – the Kalein T. Award for Winners Dog (2019-2020 statistics period) awarded during the 2020 Welsh Terrier Club of America Annual Awards presentation. Thank you to Kathy Leinthall and Ti Meehan of Kalein Welsh Terriers for offering this lovely piece! Buddy is shown here receiving congratulations from his ‘sister’ Sam.  Buddy is by Ch Abbeyrose Keeper of the Code X Ch Abbeyrose Black Lily.

Morgan Wins 2020 Windy Hill Award

Oct 20, 2020

During the 2020 Welsh Terrier Club of America Annual Awards presentation, GChB Abbeyrose Captain Morgan received the Windy Hill Award sponsored by Joe and Rie Hull. Thanks so much Rie and Joe for this lovely cookie jar topped by a welsh terrier. I am sure the flowers at the base of the welsh are roses! The award is for best Open Dog during the 2019-2020 statistics period.

Happy 11th Birthday Susie!

Aug 20, 2020

Ch Abbeyrose Black-Eyed Susan, master exterminator and best lap dog ever, turned 11 today along with her litter brother Oxy. Happy Birthday to you both!

New Champion – Ch Brynmawr Scallywag

Dec 8, 2019

Congratulations to new Champion Brynmawr Scallywag (Scotch) and his owners Michele Foley, Kathy Rost (breeder) and Jean Callens (breeder). This son of GChS Abbeyrose Captain Jack is spectacular! We look forward to seeing Scotch and Michele in the ring as they embark on his specials career.

Josie the Snow Princess

Nov 12, 2019


Nov 12, 2019

Happy Birthday Susie

Aug 19, 2019

Susie (Ch Abbeyrose Black-Eyed Susan) turns 10 years old August 20th. She is everything a welsh terrier should be – sweet and determined and naughty and lovable. Susie is dam to Gigi (GCH Abbeyrose Black Diamond) and Penny (Ch Abbeyrose A Penny for Your Thoughts) and Grand dam to Captain Jack (GCh Abbeyrose Captain Jack) and many others.  Susie and Frank (GCh Abbeyrose Jersey Boy) are an inseparable pair. Frank thinks he rules supreme, but Susie knows who really rules the roost – just look into those eyes!

Happy Father’s Day Captain Jack!

Jun 16, 2019

This young father (Jack turned 3-years-old June 8th) is all smiles this Father’s Day. His first AKC champion finished last week (Jacklyn, Ch Abbeyrose Sweet Chaos). Littermate Bart (Ch Abbeyrose Captain Black Bart, CGC) finished his championship in style this weekend by going either WD, BOW, and/or BOS nearly every day during the Grayslake Summer Cluster. Jacklyn and Bart are just 11-months-old. Captain Jack also is sire to 7-month-old Scotch (Brynmawr Scallywag) who was Best in Sweeps at Great Lakes All Terrier Association Saturday and WD 0n Sunday at the same cluster.  Wow – Happy Father’s Day Jack! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for all the wonderful welsh you’ve sired.

Happy Birthday Frank!

Apr 29, 2019

Happy 11th Birthday to GCh Abbeyrose Jersey Boy! Snapped this picture when I woke him from napping in his favorite chair.


Apr 3, 2019

It looks like Ch Abbeyrose Joint Venture (Josie) is inviting us in to show us around her new home. Josie is loved by Shannon and her family in Indiana.


Mar 27, 2019

8-Month old Abbeyrose Captain Black Bart earned his CGC! Congratulations to Bart and his owner Daryl.


Mar 5, 2019

Izzie (Penny X Tony) sitting pretty. Izzie lives with Courtney and her family in Indiana.


Jan 3, 2019

Jackson relaxes after a swim. He is just 5 months old and is learning to swim from welsh terrier Willie who is owned by his ‘Grandparents.’ Jackson is loved by Kristy and her family in Illinois.


Jan 2, 2019

This is my six year old boy, Jordy. I adore him. With my boys grown and living on their own he is a wonderful companion except when a squirrel or cat crosses his path. He insists he’s just ‘doing his job’ and living up to the expectations of his breed.


Jan 2, 2019

Jordy here! Nothing I love more than basking in the early morning sun with my dad. You can’t see him but trust me, he’s on the other end of the leash.

Welsh Terrier

Ch Abbeyrose Angel at Hapitals ‘Ava Rose’ 2003-2018

Nov 5, 2018

Sweet, lovable, naughty, tenacious, beautiful are just a few words to describe Ava Rose. When Richard Powell showed us Ava’s dam Angel, we were totally smitten. We were thrilled when some years later he and Elizabeth Leaman offered us the little ball of fur they called Avocado.  Avocado was renamed Ava Rose and grew into a welsh who epitomized the standard. After finishing her championship, Ava went to live with our friends Linda and Rudy. Ava wormed her way into the hearts of Paul, Margit and Tim too and became the beloved pet of two households.  She could not have lived her life with more loving humans, for which we will be forever grateful. Those of use who are breeders can identify events that were important in moving our breeding programs forward. For us, one such event occurred the day we brought Ava Rose home. Ava is dam of our wonderful companion and stud dog GCh Abbeyrose Jersey Boy (Frankie) and great grand dam of the fabulous Captain Jack. Thanks for everything Rosebud – Rest in Peace.

Jesse T

Aug 29, 2018

Jesse T after her first grooming at 6 months of age!

Hey Dad, What’s Cook’n?

Aug 11, 2018

Sam and Susie keep an eye on Dad while he makes dinner.

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jun 8, 2018

Happy second birthday to our incredible Welshman GCh Abbeyrose Captain Jack. We are humbled and proud to say we own and bred this vivacious, fun loving, sweet boy who has accomplished so much in just 2 years. What a treasure! As Captain Jack Sparrow would say,  “Not all treasure is silver and gold mate!”

11-week-old Tangerine practices hunting skills

May 14, 2018

Tangerine (Tony X Penny Rose) intently at work!

Happy 10th Birthday Frank!

Apr 29, 2018

GCh Abbeyrose Jersey Boy turns 10-years-old today! He is a fabulous Welsh and is behind all of our  dogs. Happy Birthday Frankie! ❤??

Penny is 4 years old!

Mar 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Penny Rose!