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The phase of a bitch's heat cycle during which she is receptive and fertile.
Absorption of Whelps
when the bitch, in early pregnancy, absorbs her puppies back into her system.
A highly contagious canine venereal disease that can also be transmitted non-sexually. Both male and femals should be tested for this disease before mating.
An intact male dog whose testicles have been retained in the abdomen.
Progesterone in Canine Reproduction
January 16, 2024 7 PM ZOOM
Introduction to Scent Work
March 14, 2024 7 PM Live in Louisville
Issue 1- January 2024
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Breeding for Health - Supporting "Whole Dog" Health from Planning to Pregnancy
International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD).
IPFD is a global non-profit organization focusing on dog health, well-being, and welfare. Check out their educational website, particularly the information they have on the Welsh Terrier
How to Tube Feed a Puppy
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Management of the Breeding Bitch & Brief Introduction to COI
Dr Gail McRae, DVM from The Ohio State University Theriogenology Department, addresses the management of the breeding bitch and to use the coefficient of inbreeding to make breeding decisions.
What to Expect from an AKC Inspection
By using AKC's registration service, breeders agree to the possinbility of an inspection. This AKC document describes their investigations and inspections processes.