We are Welsh Terrier breeders located in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana, with more than 75 years’ collective experience breeding and exhibiting Welsh Terriers. We are passionate about Welsh Terriers and have been privileged to own and breed numerous wonderful AKC champions, grand champions, performance dogs, and loving companions. We embrace natural/holistic rearing because we feel these practices allow our dogs to live the happiest, healthiest, longest lives possible.

Raise healthy Welsh Terrier puppies in Ohio and Indianna
Welsh Terrier Breeders who occasionally have Welsh Terrier Puppies for Sale

But he can't reach his full potential unless we make the right choices:

– feed a species-appropriate raw diet
– minimally vaccinate
– limit exposures to toxins

These principles of natural rearing allow him to be his best.
He'll pass his good health to future generations, increasing the odds that they'll be healthier too.



Welsh Terrier Breeders who occasionally have Welsh Terrier Puppies for Sale

Bred with care, raised with love, sprinkled with stardust is our mottoAt Abbeyrose, we take great care in breeding and raising our dogs for health, conformation, temperament, and companionship. Research shows that the keys to a long life for dogs are good genes, a species-appropriate diet, and minimal exposure to vaccines and environmental toxins. Recently, minimizing stress has been identified as a fifth factor. We do our best to control each of these. Prior to breeding, our dogs are DNA tested via the OFA for lens luxation, which can lead to glaucoma and blindness in Welsh Terriers.

We feed a raw-based diet and minimally vaccinate. We control for fleas and ticks using natural, non-toxic products and do not expose our dogs to household or yard pesticides. We use environmentally safe products to clean indoor and outdoor areas and dogs get plenty of fresh air and exercise. All of our puppies and adults are crate trained. Crates support a dog’s natural desire to be a den dweller and simulate the small, dark, safe spots that dogs in the wild naturally seek when they want to rest.


Welsh Terrier Breeders Health

In regard to veterinary care, we use a functional method, which is characterized by individualizing disease prevention and addressing the underlying cause of health problems, as opposed to the more conventional strategy of focusing on the treatment of symptoms. When problems arise, we integrate the best of alternative and traditional approaches. This is called Integrative Medicine. We prefer the use of herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, energy-based medicine, chiropractic, and acupuncture, when appropriate. However, we don’t hesitate to employ traditional medicine when we feel that it is in the best interest of our dogs.

Our background in the pharmaceutical sciences has given us a healthy respect for traditional medicines and vaccines. While these agents can relieve suffering and improve health, each and every one of them can be associated with short- and long-term negative consequences, not only on the current generation, but on future generations of our dogs. Therefore, every decision we make to expose our dogs, particularly those in our breeding program, to a pharmaceutical (including prescription medications, vaccines and flea, tick, and heartworm products) must be balanced against its long-term implications. The same holds true when selecting the diet our dogs are fed. In our experience, in fact, diet is our most powerful medicine!

Welsh Terrier Puppies Breeders choose healthy diet for Welsh Terrier Puppies

The most important thing you can do to maintain the health and vitality of your dog is to feed a raw diet. It nourishes the immune system and prepares your dog to better deal with the stresses of daily life. Feeding your dog commercial kibble or processed wet food is akin to a person eating fast food for every meal, every day. Such a diet does not provide the fresh whole nutrients required to efficiently fuel the body’s cells. Without these nutrients, your dog cannot reach his full genetic potential. If for some reason you can’t feed a totally raw diet, at least supplement the kibble with raw meat and finely ground, raw or minimally cooked vegetables.

There are many raw diets from which to choose, including commercial and homemade. Most of our dogs eat a commercial raw diet from Allprovide. We also supplement with a digestive enzyme and natural vitamin/mineral mix. Occasionally a diet must be modified to address special needs. The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM details how to adjust a raw diet for dogs with cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, irritable bowel, allergies, and others.

Welsh Terrier Breeder chooses best diet for puppies

It takes more than good genes for good health. This point is dramatically demonstrated in this short video showing two mice from the same mother, but different litters. The two mice are genetically identical, have eaten the same diet since birth, and were raised in exactly the same environment. The only difference is the diet the mother ate during her pregnancy! Not only do these mice look different, but along with being obese, the yellow one is at higher risk of developing diabetes and cancer. In contrast, the brown mouse is leaner and less likely to develop these diseases. The same principles hold true for our dogs (and us too) – you are what you eat!


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Please visit our foundation at www.abbeyrosefoundation.org for helpful hints on rearing your dog. The Abbeyrose Foundation is a 501c3 tax exempt organization dedicated to research and education on how people and their pets can follow an integrative medicine approach to achieving a happy, healthy, longer life.








Welsh Terrier Breeders who occasionally have Welsh Terrier Puppies for Sale
Midwest Welsh Terrier Breeder Mary Duafala

Mary has been breeding Welsh Terriers since 1993 and is committed to following holistic rearing practices. She is a member of the Welsh Terrier Club of America and the Morris and Essex Kennel Club and is an AKC Breeder of Merit. She is president of AlphaMED, Inc, a medical writing company, where she has had the privilege of working with experts in the conventional medicine arena. She is also Executive Director of the Abbeyrose Foundation (arf). Arf is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and research on the use of integrative approaches for the prevention and treatment of disease in pets and their people. Integrative medicine weaves together conventional and holistic approaches, targeted to the needs of the individual, so as to achieve the best results. Mary holds BS and MS degrees in pharmacy, an MBA, and certificates of certification in a variety of holistic/integrative modalities.


Welsh Terrier Breeder Pam Allen


Pamela Allen has raised and bred Welsh Terriers for approximately 25 years following holistic approaches and has conducted research on the application of holistic practices to dog rearing. During that time, Pam has whelped over 20 litters of Welsh and Wire Fox Terriers. She a member of the Welsh Terrier Club of America, an AKC Breeder of Merit, and Vice President of the Abbeyrose Foundation (arf). Pam holds a BS degree in Pharmacy from The Ohio State University and an MBA from Rutgers The State University (NJ). She previously served as Corporate Vice President of Pharmacy for Barnabas Health, Livingston NJ, and member and President of the NJ State Board of Pharmacy. She is currently Regional Director of Pharmacy for Community Mercy Health Partners (Springfield and Urbana, Oh), part of the Mercy Health System.



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